Camelbak Podium Ice Bottle   

Review by John Dodd

I gave them a shot because...they just came out to the market and it was a hot July day.  Additionally there has been more information concerning the importance of keeping core temperature down to help performance.  Lance Armstrong has been working on this with Dr. Allen Lim by swallowing tiny thermometers that allow them to monitor Lance's core temperature during exercise.  Not surprising as core temperature increases performance decreases, what is surprising is the extent performance can decrease.

My Impression... I took it out to Klaus Park for a Mountain Bike ride with the outside temperature at 95ish and high humidity to give it a test with some  fast laps.  This was my way of being "scientific" I know the lap speeds I normally can withstand and how it feels, so if I could do this type of effort and maintian/increase performance while feeling better it would be good.  My ability to maintain pace throughout the workout seemed to be better, and more importantly I did feel better as I was able to stay more alert.  Bottom line it was more enjoyable.  I went back out without the Ice Bottle on another similar day and it confirmed my initial feelings of better performance while being more tolerable.  The Ice Bottle is said to keep contents at Temperature 4 times longer than other bottles.  They accomplish this by using a new product called Zeroloft Aerogel an incredible product you must check the link.

My Setup...Standard waterbottle stuff, I did follow Camelbak's instructions using ice to enhance performance.  

Final Thoughts... I have a few for such a seemingly simple product.  First, the other benefit of this and all Camelbak Podium Bottles is the Jet Valve™, a revolutionary self-sealing valve with a high flow rate.  After you experience the high flow of the bottle you may loose respect for you old bottles.  Second,  it is important to note that after taking a drink the bottle (all bottles) will suck in the hot outside air which is the main way the contents will warm up.  If you have two bottles on your bike and it is hot outside you will find the once you get half way through your first bottle it will not be as cool as it was when you began, but if you then take a sip from the unused bottle you should find it to be as cool as when you began.  I never thought I would think a $20 waterbottle would make sense but this on does.  Do yourself a favor and get one before your next ride.

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