Cyle Werx Fit Services

Basic Fit-  $50
This is a general fit that could be used as a starting point for the "Body Fit."  We will use a very standardized approach which will provide a nice funcional fit on your bicycle. You can expect this session to last approximately 45 minutes.  This fit should provide a close model for the more personalized Body Fit. 
  • Proper frame size identified
  • Saddle Selection/confirmation, then height and angle adjusted
  • Handlebar height, width (for flat bars), angle adjusted to your liking
  • Brake and shift lever adjusted to your liking

Body Fit- $150

This is a top to bottom bicycle fit service that can last up to two hours.  We assess your past, present, and future physiological factors along with your cycling goals, fitness level, and flexibility through a detailed interview.  We apply principles of bio-mechanics to this information to determine the best position for you on your bike.  If you have clipless pedals, we begin by adjusting your cleats for performance and comfort.  Generally we then adjust saddle height, angle, and fore-aft position.  Finally, we make adjustments to your handlebars and stem.  We may suggest replacing parts in order to achieve an ideal position, and we may make suggestions about your riding form.  This fit is guaranteed, so adjustments are free for one year. 

Body Fit with Aero Bars- $175

The aero position of a triathlon or time bike requires an extra measure of fitting attention.  This fit includes all the components of the Body Fit (above) with the addition of aero bars proper adjustment for you optimum performance and comfort fit with aero bars.  This service also includes a cleat fitting which takes into account the different on a triathlon/time trial bike.  Since the aero postion may be substantially different from your normal riding position, you may require a follow up visit as your body becomes accustomed to the new position.  The return visit is included in the price of the fit, as in one year of adjustments as desired. 

Cleat Fit- $50

Clipless pedals require proper cleat alignment for both performance and comfort.  In this fit we align the cleat of your shoe with the natural angle of your feet while pedaling.  This helps prevent rotational stress from being imposed on the ligaments and tendons of the ankles, knees, and hips.  We also adjust the cleat for proper fore-aft position under your foot.  This can improve you efficiency and prevent hot spots, numb feer, and pinched nerves,  If you have had a fitting previously and are satisfied with your body position on your bike but still have discomfort in your feet and legs, consider a Cleat Fit.  Cleat Fit is included in Body Fit and can be added to the Basic Fit for an additional $25. 


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