Gear Primer
Here you will find items that will help you Enjoy It!  The products listed here are not comprehensive, but do in our minds represent some of the top picks.  Look out for "must have" items, they are what we view as being most essential.   So take a look and remember to come into the shop for advice that pertains to your specific needs.
Apparel   Shoes and Pedals Other Accessories 

It's true you already have clothes you can wear while riding your bicycle, but Cycling gear will help you Enjoy It! even more.  With a cycling specific cut along with wicking fabrics you will be riding safely, comfortably, and in style.  Click here to learn more

When it comes to down to it Cycling
Shoes and Pedals can be the single greatest enhancement to riding a Bicycle.  The ability to apply pressure to the pedal 
during the upstroke as well as the down stroke not only helps you get up the hills faster, but allows you to burn more calories since you are using more musclesClick here to learn more

There are many items that can add to the
enjoyment of Cycling.  In this section we will focus on a few of what we feel are some of the more essential ones. From providing information about your ride, keeping your bike secure, safety and visibility, to Hydration you will find IT! here.
Click here to learn more


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