New to Cycling? Here are a few tips that the staff here at Cyclewerx came up with to help you out on your cycling adventure.


  1. Proper saddle height, this something that is over looked all the time.  By having the correct seat height you reduce the stress on your knees.  If your saddle is to high or low you stretch your knees more than necessary.  Here at Cyclewerx we can lend a hand on situating the correct saddle height for you.
  2. The right clothing, for the least stressful ride you should look into having proper riding apparel such as wicking top and cycling shorts.  The wicking top ventilates and absorbs your sweat were as a cotton t-shirt becomes drenched in sweat and feels extremely heavy.  Cycling shorts help you obtain more comfort for you ride by giving you extra padding for your seat.  Helmets and gloves also provide a protection that is needed when cycling in case of accident.  Who wants a concussion or scraped fingers, not us.
  3. Hydration and Nutrition are both very important in insuring an enjoyable ride.  A major concern with cycling especially as the temperature increases is dehydration, a good starting point is to consume at least 20 ounces of water an hour.  You may substitute a Sports drink which will likely contain electrolytes (minerals that aid you basic bodily function such as proper muscle function) and Carbohydrates (fuel to keep you going.)    
  4. Expect perfection, every time you leave to go on a ride be sure that your bike is top notch shape so no distractions will happen on your ride.  Whether its making sure your derailleur is working fine or even if your brakes seem to take longer to come to a complete stop. Bike maintenance makes a huge difference on how your ride will play out.
  5. Proper tire inflation, many times new cyclists will hop on their bike without making sure their tires aren’t over inflated or under inflated.  Having proper tire inflation will reduce the risks of popping a tire on a ride and if done consistently you can see if you have a leak in your tire that can be easily patched.
  6. Ride Supplies,  there are a few items you should always consider takeing with you on a ride.  The short list is as follows; an extra tube/patch kit, a pump or inflator, a multi tool, your cell phone (remember to keep it dry, don't sweat on it), and last but not least a little money just in case you want something else to eat or drink.
  7. Cleaning your bike, often people think that since you use a pressure washer to wash means of transportation that doesn’t mean the same thing with your bicycle.  Instead, wiped down your bicycle with a rag to clean it.  Also proper lubrication of the chain is very important.  If you’re going to lube your chain, then use the proper lubricant and be sure to wipe down your chain after lubrication.  Over lubing a chain without wiping it down attracts more dirt to the chain, not good, and can make a mess of your bike.
  8. Planning cycling routes for the beginner in often overlooked and can help you finish your ride with a smile on your face.  Some factors to consider are; length of ride, weather conditions, traffic, and terrain.  For example try to ensure the second half of the ride is easier than the first half.  You can accomplish this by panning to ride into a headwind as much as possible during the first half, also consider the terrain by avoiding big hills towards the end.  Be conservative when planning how long you think the ride will be, if you are riding 15 miles and you think you can average 15 mile per hour, plan on an hour and 15 minutes.  This will help you plan on the correct amount of nutrition and your significant others will appreciate seeing you home early.   

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