Group Ride Tips

Getting involved in Group Rides is a great way to help take your riding to the next level.  Riding with others you can ride faster and longer (you can draft, just like in car racing), you can hone you skills (everyone is different and everyone has an opinion, this can be a great opportunity to increase fitness and knowledge), finally its fun!  The following tips will help you get the most out of riding with a group.


Group ride objectives, know what the groups goals are as it pertains to the pace of the ride, the length, group levels (example; C level = fast, B level = faster, and A level l= Fastest) and is there a “no drop” rule.  No drop rule means that no one will be left behind one of the group leaders will bring up the rear.


Being early is being on time, we all know this in life but it is still worth mention.  If the posted ride time is 6:15 pm, be at the start ready to go no later than 6:10 pm.


Ride Smooth when in a group this makes everyone’s life more enjoyable.  Riding smooth involves the following:

  • Hold your line, you may even hear others say this while in a group.  Holding your line simply stated means pay attention and limit your movement from side to side, do your best to follow the leader.
  • Avoid surging as much as possible, do your best to control your speed.  This means don’t speed up or slow down suddenly, and remember if you are slowing announce it to those behind you.
  • Don’t overlap wheels, your front wheel should always be clearly behind the back wheel of the rider in front of you. 
  • Keep your eyes the front and avoid the common pit fall of staring at the rear wheel of the rider in front of you.  Always scan ahead it will help you relax and increase you overall awareness.
  • Finally and most importantly Trust your fellow group members.  When you ride as a group the group almost becomes its own organism and all parts must rely on the others.  Do your part and count on others to do the same.

Group Communication is arguably the most important factor to ensure the safety of the members of the group. Here is the quick list of things you will hear and see and be expected to say and do.  It is everyone’s responsibility to pass all information through the group.

  • Car back- vehicle approaching from behind  “group will be getting passed”
  • Car up- vehicle approaching from ahead “oncoming traffic”
  • Walker up-  Walker/runner ahead,  “group will be passing be ready”
  • Slowing- Group is slowing
  • Stopping-  Group is stopping
  • Hole, Glass, Gravel- road hazard ahead, when these are announced member are expected to point to the side of the hazard.
  • Rider off- a member off the back of the group.



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