Hello friends of CYCLEWERX, 


We want to tell you about an effort to unite one million voices to improve bicycling in the United States by asking people to sign a pledge in support of biking. It's called peopleforbikes.org, and the goal is to make our country a better place to ride by sending a unified message to our elected leaders, the media, and the public that bicycling is important and should be promoted. 


When we got involved just 165,000 people had signed the pledge that was over 4 years ago, today there are millions.  Please take a moment to check out the website and add your name. It is quick and easy, and it will help the future of biking. All they need is your name: 




Whatever your background, whatever your bike, and wherever you ride -- everyone has a stake in building more bike lanes and trails, securing more funding, and influencing local and national policies to better support bicycling. Right now peopleforbikes.org is in its earliest stages, so let's help the campaign get off to a strong start. After all, life is better when it's experienced on two wheels. Please sign the pledge, and share the message with other riders you know.


Thank you,


John Dodd


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