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Welcome to the CYCLEWERX Product Review section of our website.  The reviews are written by the gang here at the shop as well as members of our Race Team and our customers.  The spirit of this section is to provide a forum to share ideas.  We are just starting, so although there may not be many reviews currently, just keep checking back and watch it grow.


We will do our best to follow a consistent format in our reviews with the primary goal being concise and pertinent information.  As you read each review, you will see four distinct sections.  The first section,  I gave it a shot because …  is where we will give background information on why we choose the particular product to use in the first place.  In the second section, My impression … we will give our impressions of the product after using it, expressing both strong points and weak points.  The third section, My setup…, we will explain how we used the product.  For example, the tire air pressure is an important factor in how the tire performs and we will present the information.  The final section is aptly named Final thoughts … and should serve as a summary of the review.


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