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Check out what the CYCLEWERX Racing Team has been up to this year, be sure to check the links to read more.

February, 28 2010  Froze Toes Road Race- Josh Johnson 2nd Juniors, Andy Walker 8th Masters, Kellan True 9th Cat 3

March, 28 2010 Forest Park Crit- Kellan True 16th Cat 3, Zach Rice 19th cat 4, Chuck Barwick 23rd Cat 4-5

April, 10th 2010 Hillsboro Roubaix Road Race- Joel Melka 48th Masters

April, 11 2010 Gateway Tiles Park Crit- Josh Johnson 1st Juniors, Kellan True 30th Cat 3, Gordon Glaus 32nd, Zach Rice 42nd, and Josh Cox 53rd Cat 4-5

April, 17th 2010 Tour of Hermann Crit- Zach Rice 11th Cat 4-5

April, 18th 2010 Tour of Hermann Road Race- Joel Melka 9th Masters, Josh Cox 5th , Zach Rice 34th Cat 4-5,

April, 24 2010 Cohutta 100 Mountain Bike Race-  Dwayne Goscinski 5th SS, John Dodd 31st SS, Matt Ochs 34th SS

April, 24th 2010 Tour of St Louis- Josh Johnson 1st Junior Crit and Time Trial, Chuck Barwick 9th, Zach Rice 15th Cat 4-5, Gordon Glaus 17th Cat 4

April, 25th 2010 Tour of St Louis- Josh Johnson 3rd Juniors, Gordon Glaus 11th Cat 4, Zach Rice 24th, Chuck Barwick 25th Cat 4-5

May, 2 2010 Bellville Crit- Gordon Glaus 33rd Cat 3-4

May, 23rd 2010  Tour of St Genevieve- Josh Cox 1st Cat 5, Josh Johnson 2nd Juniors, Gordon Glaus 34th, Tim Brummitt 41st, Chuck Barwick 46th, Zach Rice 47th Cat 4-5,

May, 29 2010 Tour de Frankenmuth- Josh Johnson 1st Juniors
June, 5 2010 O'Fallon Grand Prix Road Race- Gordon Glaus 2nd Cat 4, Josh Cox 4th Cat 4-5, Kellan True 13th Cat 3  O'Fallon Grand Prix 2010

June, 6 2010 O'Fallon Grand Prix Crit- Tim Brummitt 11th Cat 5, Adam Gohn 12th Cat 4, Kellan True 12th Cat 3

June, 12 2010 Midtown Alley Crit- Gordon Glaus 1st, Chuck Barwick 14th,  Cat 4-5, Josh Johnson 1st, Tim Brummitt 6th Cat 5

June, 12 2010 Missouri State Mountain Bike Championship- Jim Van deVan 1st Endurance

June, 13 2010 Tour de Grove- Josh Johnson 1st, Tim Brummit 4th Cat 5, Chuck Barwick, Zach Rice, Adam Gohn Pack Finish Cat 4-5

June, 27 2010 Webster Goves Crit- Josh Johnson 1st Cat 4-5, Chuck Barwick 5th, Tim Brummitt 9th, Kellan True 12th Cat 3

July, 10 2010 Great Egyptian Omnium- Josh Cox 3rd Cat 4 Time Trial, Josh Cox 5th Cat 4 Road Race

July, 11 2010 Great Egyptian Omnium- Tim Brummitt 2nd Cat 5 Crit

July, 11 2010 Lawrence Villiage Crit- Kellan True 13th Cat 3

July, 17 2010 Wildwood Centaur Time Trial- Josh Cox 4th Cat 4


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