Safe Cycling Routes


You can ride your bicycle anywhere you but safety and quality are two ideas that need to be in your mind for the bicycle ride.  Look for wide and paved roads to ride on and that are also less traveled.  This ensures that you will have plenty of space to avoid debris and not have to worry about traffic.  Studying a map of your city can also help with finding safe routes to ride your bicycle, it can also show you where designated cycling roads are located and how to get there.  Always remember to avoid heavy traffic areas, especially during high traffic hours.  Lastly ask us, don’t be afraid to stop by and talk with the friendly staff of Cyclewerx about safe riding locations, we will be sure to put your wheels in the right direction. 


Timing your ride is also a crucial component, knowing when the heavy traffic hours are can prevent accidents.  When people are off to lunch (usually 12-1) or getting off work (4-6) it is not ideal to ride for safety purposes especially on high traffic roads

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