Shimano Custom Fit Shoes

Review by Travis Thrower


I gave them a shot because . . . I was formerly riding basic Shimano mountain pedals on my road bike because Shimano mountain cleats will not fit on Shimano road shoes, so I had to roll with Shimano mountain shoes.  When it was time for me to upgrade to my '06 Litespeed Teramo (which is awesome), I couldn't stand to have mountain pedals on my road bike, so I ordered some Speedplay Zero pedals and these sweet Shimano R300 shoes.


My impression . . . I f I could pay an extra $25-$50 for my street shoes to fit as well as these R300's, I would pay it.  The fit of these shoes hugs every curve of your foot due to the Thermo-Form insole and upper to give you a shoe that fits like a sock.  With the ultra-stiff carbon sole, the power transfer is very efficient, and with the "shark-skin" inner lining of the shoe (your sock can slide into the shoe, but the lining prevents your sock from sliding out) you do not lose any pull through the pedal stroke.


My setup . . .  The insole is heated for 90 seconds then inserted into the shoe.  You stand in the shoe for 5 minutes and then the insole is taken back out and the shoe is heated for 5 minutes.  After 5 minutes, the insole is inserted again and you stand in the shoe and air is sucked out of the shoe via a vacuum bag.  You then stand in the shoe for 5 minutes and the custom-fit is complete.  A pair of shoes takes about 15 minutes.  Voila, you have a pair of custom-fit cycling shoes.  (Editors note: CYCLEWERX Staff has been trained by Shimano to provide this service, we are one of only a few dealers with the Equipment and training.)


Final Thoughts . . .  The best fitting shoe I have ever put on.  Although it is $300 it is a must for anyone who spends much time in the saddle.   CHECK THEM OUT!


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