Your New Bicycle

This is exiting, you’re looking to get a new bicycle.  The gang at CYCLEWERX is happy you chose us to help in your selection process.  At CYCLEWERX our goal is to insure that your entire cycling experience is the best possible, and that starts with choosing your next bike.   Let’s get to it!

Below you will find different categories of bicycles, read the instruction then dive deeper into the ones you find yourself most interested in.  Before you get started here are a couple of tips and things to keep in mind.


  1. Who will you be riding with, and what and how (time, distance, terrain) do they ride.
  2.  What are the main features you are looking for, performance, versatility, and comfort, ect.
  3. What are you goals: riding with your children, competition, completing a 15, 30, or 100 mile tour, or commuting to class/work.

You are looking to get out there and enjoy the outdoors while getting into/keeping your fitness.  While competition may not be high on your list comfort and versatility are.  Bicycles in this category are referred to as Comfort, Hybrids, Fitness, or urban Bicycles.

You are dedicated to the open road and you are looking for a Bike that will help you cover 15,30, 60, or maybe even 100 miles comfortably.   You may even have aspirations of competing in a Triathlon, or Cycling event, if so a Road bike, Comfort Road Bike, or Triathlon Bike could be for you.




 Your idea of fun is riding down a single track trail and finding remote places to get away and get into nature.  You plan on getting dirty and you need a bike that will stand up to the test.

You are getting into cycling and want a versatle bike that can handle the rigors of Off-road riding and is well manered commuting across town.




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