Welcome to the FAQ section of our site we hope you find it both informational and easy to use.  It will always be a work in progress so let us know if there is something you are curious about.  Remember, the answers given here should help but are not meant to provide the complete solution to any problem.  Come into CYCLEWERX for more comprehensive and focused answers.   Below you will find FAQ categories just find one and start clicking.

Bicycle choices;  want to get back into riding, looking for your first Road Bike, your new goal is to ride 100 mile tour, your thinking about commuting on a bike, craving some serious singletrack...... 
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AccessoriesHow should I carry items on my bike?I think I need a light, how do I choose one?Should I get a mirror?,  My friends tell me I should get these clipless pedals, why should I, and how do I pick them out? Do I need an bicycle pump?How can I tell how far and fast I am riding?

Bike Fit and Comfort issues; 
Shoudler pain, knots in your neck?  Your saddle is uncomfortable? Your  knee/s hurt?  Your hands go numb?  Feet hurt, toes numb?   How do I set the proper saddle height?

Bicycle clothing, does it make a difference;  Do those skin tight shorts make a difference?   I will not wear those skin tight shorts in public what can I do?  What is the deal with Cycling tops?     Are helmets required by law?    What type of Helmet is the best?   What can I do about numb hands?   What kind of shoes should I wear?   Do cycling shoes make a big difference? 

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